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Stunning statistics reveal that approx. 80 per cent of internet users worldwide surfed the net from their phones in 2014! In its ‘Webmaster Central’ blog, Google quotes the upward trend in users who are going ‘mobile only’. To encash upon mobile traffic, goes without saying, has become the need of the day for e­business survival.

Adding to the importance of owning an app is Google, that has of late (Refer to the 21st April, 2015 update) given a massive push to e­businesses, to go mobile-friendly. In its almost infamous algorithm being termed as mobilegeddon, (Yikes! We know you didn’t want to be reminded of it!) the search engine has said that content from indexed apps is likely to appear more prominently in search now. In other words, these android applications get ranked better in phone search results. Also, the user is brought right to the app upon clicking the corresponding content in Google search results.

Your clients won’t blame Google. The only organization they would blame for you not being mobile­ friendly is you! Then, they may switch to brand X. An increasing number of wise companies are investing in mobile application development. Custom apps help them connect with their customers promptly and interact with them instantly.

  • At FSC Private Limited, our team of specialists has tremendous expertise in developing mobile apps. As a 13 year old IT company, we have a lot of experience in our field.
  • Our developers possess skills and knowledge specific to UI design for small screens.
  • Apps are custom made for various operating systems as per the e­business’ needs ­ iOS, Android and Windows.
  • There is no limit to the variety of programs we create, and we offer their growth across industries.
  • They are user­friendly. We style our programs with the best possible interface to allow your clients to access the contents intuitively and easily. We also use great program logic and style.
  • Our software programs and tools are the latest, letting us perform extensive coding.
  • Our mobile database integration will be totally worth your investment. It would give you maximum return on investment. (ROI) After all, we understand your requirements. We provide mobile database integration services irrespective of the industry, nature and scale of the business.

We highly recommend you to avail mobile application development services (Android and PhoneGap) and enjoy the quality we deliver. (Or let your business dwell in the 20th century – At Your Own Risk!) Our mobile applications will reflect your vision and fulfill your business needs. Don’t forget that your application accessible on leading smartphones and tablets means more clients, which in turn means more business!

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